A Wellness Perspective on Pornography

Did you know that there is not a single book on wellness and pornography? Not only that -- no worksite wellness program offers lectures, educational videos or other instruction about pornography. The National Wellness Association has not addressed the topic - not a single session at any of the 30-plus annual conferences has been devoted to x-rated sex. [...]

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Online Pornography and the Law

This article examines laws, regulations and case law related to online pornography in selected jurisdictions to assess their effectiveness and limitations. 1 The United [...]

Sexually Suppressed Societies and Internet Pornography

Google enables anyone to quantify almost anything - what people are worried about, what people want to buy, what they do buy, what they want to learn, etc. And then, you [...]

How to Conquer Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is a topic that is receiving more and more attention these days. From celebrities whose life has spiralled out of control, to teenagers whose school [...]

The Destructive Path of Pornography Addiction

Many people don't want to talk about pornography addiction. In fact, our society is beginning to embrace pornography as a normal way of life. What used to be a behind the [...]